For the first time every, Ireland has an ageing population with intellectual disability. Prof Mary McCarron describes how people with intellectual disability were not just part of the national longitudinal study on ageing but how they influenced the design and conduct of the study, how they were involved throughout the research study, and how they helped to communicate the findings of the study in an accessible manner. Listen back to Prof McCarron at our PPI conference, telling of the many creative ways in which people with ID were involved in the IDS TILDA study and outlining the value system underlying this involvement.

The results of the study were published in a scientific report with many chapters. To communicate the results to people with intellectual disability in an accessible way, a script writer was commissioned to write key scenes from each chapter in the report. People with intellectual disability from five different organisations around Ireland acted out these key scenes. Take a look at this powerful video of one of these scenes, reporting the experience of people with ID navigating our healthcare system.