Call for abstracts: Lightning Talks with Feedback

Parallel Conversations at the 4th National PPI Conference

Theme: Progressing Together


In the PPI community, we are continuously learning and developing, both researchers and PPI contributors. Hence our theme for the 2019 conference: “Progressing Together“.

In this session, we invite researchers or PPI contributors to outline their involvement approaches and methodologies. A panel of experienced PPI researchers and partners will facilitate an interactive conversation on each presentation, giving feedback on the approaches outlined and exploring PPI methodological issues, with contributions from the audience.

The Lightning Talks with Feedback session will be one of the Parallel Conversations at the conference.

Your abstract can be related to PPI in a study that is ongoing or completed, or to PPI across a research group or patient organisation.

Presentations in this session will focus on PPI methodologies and be approximately 7 minutes, with feedback from a panel of experienced PPI researchers and partners. Selected presentations will be sent a template of three slides (1 – Context; 2 – PPI approach; 3 – Challenges and solutions).

Eligibility: We welcome submissions from researchers and public/patient partners.


Abstract submission is extended to March 22nd 2019.

To submit your presentation abstract, download and complete the form