We offer a range of services and supports – what can we do for you?

Healthcare professionals

Our promise: to provide training and support that allows you to participate in research studies. This will benefit you and your practice and can help improve patient outcomes.

  • Benefits to your patients vary depending on the study but may include improved patient outcomes, increased level of care, access to new drugs that are not otherwise available, access to behavioural interventions that are not generally available,  and access to medical expertise that may not otherwise be accessible
  • Benefits to you and your practice also vary depending on the study but may include providing you a simple way to complete your annual audit, generating a new revenue stream for your practice, accumulating CME points and connecting you with GPs with similar interests

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Public and patients

Our promise: to develop strong public and patient involvement in research, to ensure that our research is guided by the needs and perspectives of the public.

We offer you an opportunity to be involved in our research, to guide and influence the research we do and how we do it. Read more about Public and patient involvement in research.

Our promise: to provide opportunities to .participate in clinical trials

Check out our current research – if your local general practice is taking part in a study you may be invited to join.

Academic researchers

Our promise: to work collaboratively with national and international colleagues to progress primary care research.

We will collaborate with you to:

  • Plan and conduct original research studies in Ireland and disseminate the results of those studies
  • Conduct studies within trials (SWATS) to improve the methodology of trials in primary care
  • Join with international research colleagues on large international trials
  • Communicate with health policy makers to ensure that research influences healthcare practices when appropriate

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For sponsors and CROs:

Our promise: we will be a focal point of contact and of support to any sponsor or research team who wants to conduct trials in Irish primary care. We will help you to understand how Irish primary care operates and will help provide advice on access to GPs and to patients in primary care.

Read the Research and sponsors section of our web site.

Our services

Advisory services
  • Methodological advice on running trials in primary care, with experience and expertise in trial design, assessment of feasibility, recruitment and retention, and protocol development
  • Advice on public and patient involvement (PPI) in trials


  • PPI training for researchers and lay representatives
  • GCP training for researchers and site investigators
  • Trial methodology issues of particular interest to primary care

Facilitating access

  • Supporting access for research teams to general practices
  • Practice recruitment, including help with contracts
  • Helping to identify potential participants from a participating practice

Other supports

  • Support with ethics and regulatory authority applications
  • Helping to screen, contact and consent research participants
  • Ongoing support with PPI throughout your research, including using Network PPI group
  • Support with dissemination of results, including liaison with patient groups, use of social media, preparation of press releases

With our partners, HRB CRFG, provision of the following services:

  • Data quality assurance, pharmacovigilence, site monitoring
  • Data analysis according to agreed protocol

To discuss any of these supports, please email to initiate communication.