Dr Lisa Hynes
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Lisa Hynes is a post doctoral researcher with the HRB Primary Care CTNI, working as project manager of the MY COMRADE project. This project aims to better support the management of medications prescribed to people with more than one long-term health condition. A Galway native, Lisa completed a degree in Arts, a masters in health psychology, and a PhD in health psychology, all at NUI, Galway. So far, Lisa’s work has focused on using research to understand and better meet the needs of young people with long-term conditions, such as type 1 diabetes and asthma. Before joining the Primary Care CTNI, Lisa held post doctoral research positions at NUI, Galway and West Virginia University, United States. At WVU Lisa coordinated a study to develop a new education tool to prompt young people and their families as they make asthma management decisions. Lisa is committed to improving Irish healthcare by partnering with health service stakeholders, including people using different services and service providers, to find out what problems are out there and how best to take care of these problems. The Primary Care CTNI is a health-loving bunch, so in keeping with that trend, Lisa loves to run, hike and practice yoga, as well as traveling, reading and seeing live music.