We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers with an interest in helping to improve the health care that is delivered through primary care (in the community), to join us in our PPP-R (Public and Patient Partnership in Research) group. Read about what Public and patient involvement is to understand how members of the public and patients can help researchers do better research.

Have you yourself ever attended a GP, a practice nurse, a community physio or any other healthcare professional in primary care (or have you ever accompanied a child or other family member)? This is the only experience you must have to apply to become a member of our PPP-R group. You don’t need to have any expertise in research to get involved but if you do want to learn more about research, we can provide training.

If you would like to get involved:

We will keep a list of people who are interested and contact you when opportunities for getting involved arise. We will keep in touch with you, including emailing you our quarterly newsletter and notify you of upcoming events. We are also part of a national group working to increase the public and patient involvement in research, so we can put you in touch with research groups outside of our Network if you are interested in a particular area.

Not able to come to NUI Galway to attend meetings of the PPP-R group?

We plan to develop two types of members: full members and non-travelling members. Non-travelling members will be able to contribute through email and by phone calls in different ways. So don’t let your mobility or distance from NUI Galway be a barrier! We are particularly interested to hear from people who like reading and writing English, who would like to help us to communicate better with the public and patients. Get involved!