The HRB Primary Care Clinical Trial Network Ireland (HRB Primary Care CTNI) is a Network of researchers, GPs and other healthcare professionals, based in Ireland, that aims to improve patient health and healthcare in the community, by conducting clinical trials and other research.

Who are members of this Network (the HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland)?

Our Network brings together key people in Ireland to run clinical trials and related research in primary care. We aim to work closely with the public and patients, with GPs and other healthcare professionals, to run clinical trials that will answer important questions and to share the results of these trials with GPs, the public and the decision makers. We will link researchers, GPs, pharmaceutical companies and the public to ensure that everyone will contribute to deliver top-quality research that will help decision-making in primary care, improve the care delivered to patients and reduce the overall costs of care.

The Network is led by Professor Andrew Murphy, a GP in County Galway and the Professor of General Practice at NUI Galway. Read the About Us section of the web site to find out who else is involved.

What is primary care?

Primary care is all of the health or social care services that you can find in your community, outside of hospital. It includes general practitioners (GPs), public health nurses, community physiotherapists and a range of other services provided through HSE Local Health Offices and provided privately by healthcare professionals.

Why we do research in primary care

Primary care, provided mainly by your local GP, is the first place most patients go when sick. More than 20 million GP consultations take place in Ireland each year. Ninety percent of all health problems can be addressed by GPs and primary care services, so it is vital that GPs and other healthcare professionals have firm evidence on which to make informed decisions about which medication or treatment is right for each patient.

Clinical trials are a particular type of research studies, that provide the top quality evidence to help GPs make decisions on the best treatment for a particular patient.