What is the best treatment for influenza?

The flu is a highly contagious that affects a huge amount of people each year. Usually people who have flu like symptoms are prescribed bed rest, time off work and painkillers by their GPs. Antiviral medication can also be prescribed. We want to find out which treatment is best.

Why do some people with ARIs become more unwell than others?

Acute respiratory infections affect millions of people globally every year. Some people become more unwell than others and must be hospitalised, we want to find out why. This will inform better treatments and prevention in the future.

Breaking through – how best to present information about our trials to patients?

Deciding whether to take part in a trial may be difficult- particularly when faced with huge amounts of (sometimes confusing) information. We want to find out how best to present information about participating in trials to make these decisions easier.

How can we improve prescribing in primary care?

Some medicines can cause harmful side effects in patients, particularly as they get older. This study will develop computerised systems to support GPs to identify patients who may be at risk of a harmful drug event so that the GPs can consider alternative approaches.

Can we improve the care patients receive in general practice?

The GP is usually the first stop for someone who is feeling unwell. However, changes in the Irish healthcare system have resulted in increased stress for GPs. Does this pressure contribute to errors made by GPs?

Are children with penicillin allergy truly allergic?

Being labelled penicillin allergic can limit use of necessary antibiotics with any future illness. We know that <10% of children labelled as penicillin allergic are truly allergic and that the ones that are allergic, often lose their allergy after 5-10 years. Can we identify those children who are not allergic in a hospital setting?