What we know about kidney infections:

Kidney infections can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Some kidney infections are more complicated than others. Our study looks at uncomplicated kidney infections in women. One in four women have at least one kidney infection at some stage during their lives. Usually, a women goes to her GP when she is feeling unwell. She usually is in a lot of pain and has a temperature above normal, and she may also have X,Y,Z. The GP usually decides from the symptoms the woman reports that she has a kidney infection (more accurately called a urinary tract infection – UTI). The GP sends a urine sample to the local hospital to check if there is a bacterial infection, but the results of this test are not available to help the GP decide what is best for the patient the first day she visits the surgery.

Based on the woman’s symptoms the day she visits the surgery, the GP usually gives the patient a prescription for an antibiotic for 4-5 days, tells her go home and drink plenty of water, take pain killers for the pain(??) and stay in bed until she feels better. The patient usually gets better by following this advice – about 1 in X have to visit the doctor again within 1 month? If the patient has to visit the GP again, the GP usually has the results of the test back from the hospital and can use this information to decide what to do next.

What we are not sure about:

Does an antibiotic help? Is the pain caused by a bacterial infection? If not, then the antiobiotic definitely doesn’t help. If the pain is caused by a bacteria, is the AB prescribed by the doctor the right one to kill the bacteria present? (3 different ABs are prescribed in Ireland, they all kill different bacteria).

What is this study exploring?

This study is exploring whether patients who are prescribed ibuprofen (a pain killer) only do as well as patients who are prescribed an AB.

How will you measure “do as well as”?

We will count xxx yyy

What will the study involve for the patient?

Questionnaire, sample, consent, randomised blinded – do not know – for 5 days. Must have a smartphone. Fill in how you are on the smartphone.

Can I take part?

If your GP is taking part, yes you can. Ask your GP or email us and we will tell you whether your GP is taking part???