As part of the HRB Primary Care CTNI, we have set up a Public and patient partnership in research (PPP-R) group.

Aim: Group members will work with our research teams to make sure that the voice and perspective of the public help to shape and guide our research.

How we set up our group

We wanted a group that represented the mix of people that make up the public in Ireland. Our members come from urban and rural areas, they include a mix of age, nationality and gender. Each person has their own life experiences of interacting with the health care system and with family doctors in particular, which gives an interesting range of experiences to draw on when considering various questions about our research.

We set up our group early in 2016. We currently have 11 members. Our researchers are looking forward to working with our group members to help us do research that result in better patient health and healthcare.

We plan to develop two types of members: full members and non-travelling members. Non-travelling members will be able to contribute through email and by phone calls in different ways. So don’t let your mobility or distance from NUI Galway be a barrier!

Interested in getting involved?

If you are a member of the public, interested in getting involved in our PPP-R group, please check out the Get involved! section of the web site.

How the PPP-R group contributes

So far, the PPP-R group have helped us plan our PPI conference in Wed 27 April, 2016, advising us on topics of interest to the public and on what would encourage members of the public to attend. The group also reviewed an outline of this web site and gave us feedback on the language we are using and the information they would like to see on the web site. One of our group has volunteered to represent the public on the management committee for a study that we are currentlyl running. So a good beginning… we look forward to more!