We are a group of researchers and GPs (doctors) who are working to find answers to important and common questions about how to best treat patients being cared for by their family doctor and other healthcare professionals in the community (or in primary care). We are called the HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland (CTNI). Researchers in our Network are based in Galway and Dublin and work with GPs and other healthcare professionals all over Ireland to conduct research.

We invite you, the public and patients, to work with us in our research, either by getting involved in our research or by participating in a research study.

Get involved in our research:

Help us to plan and conduct our research, by sharing your opinions and views with us. Usually, people’s only involvement in research is if they take part in a research study, where researchers collect data about them and their health.

Our Network aims to be different. We want to create an active partnership between the public/patients and our researchers, so that the opinion and point of view of the public influences our research, to help us to better plan, carry out and share the results of the research.  This is called public and patient involvement (PPI) in research – read more about PPI here and check out how to get involved if you are interested.

Take part in a research study:

Our researchers are involved in number of differet research studies. You may be able to volunteer to participate in one of these studies. Click on Our research to read about the studies that we are doing and to find out the benefits of taking part in a research study.