For sponsors and CROs:

Our promise: we will be a focal point of contact and of support to any sponsor or research team who wants to conduct research in Irish primary care. We will help you to understand how Irish primary care operates and will help provide access to GPs and to patients in primary care.

We invite you to contact us, particularly at feasibilty stage of studies. We have an indepth knowledge of Irish general practices, including the challenges of recruiting practices and patients to studies, in our busy primary care environments. Coupled with our experience as primary care researchers and our understanding of research processes and requirements, we are well positioned to help you to explore the feasibility of conducting a study in primary care in Ireland. We are happy to be the national co-ordinating centre for multi-site studies and can draw on local trial monitoring and other support services. The central office of the Network is co-located with the HRB Clinical Research Facility Galway and we are involved in some studies that are conducted in both primary and secondary care.

Contact us to start the conversation.