Previous trials conducted in primary care by Network members

Name of study (if any)


No. randomised

Main publication

GPs in A&E departments


Randomised controlled trial of general practitioner versus usual medical care in an urban accident and emergency department: process,
outcome, and comparative cost.

Murphy AW, Bury G, Plunkett PK, Gibney D, Smith M, Mullan E, Johnson Z. BMJ. 1996 May 4;312(7039):1135‐ 42

GPs in A&E departments


Randomized controlled trial of general practitioner versus usual medical care in a suburban accident and emergency department using an informal triage system.

Gibney D, Murphy AW, Barton D, Byrne C, Smith M, Bury G, Mullan E, Plunkett PK. Br J Gen Pract. 1999 Jan;49(438):43‐ 4


Secondary CVS prevention


Effect of tailored practice and patient care plans on secondary prevention of heart disease in general practice: cluster randomised controlled trial.

Murphy AW, Cupples ME, Smith SM, Byrne M, Byrne MC, Newell J, BMJ. 2009 Oct 29;339:b4220


Pulmonary rehabilitation


The effectiveness of a structured education pulmonary rehabilitation programme for improving the health status of people with moderate and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care: the PRINCE cluster randomised trial.

Casey D, Murphy K, Devane D, Cooney A, McCarthy B, Mee L, Newell J, O’Shea E, Scarrott C, Gillespie P, Kirwan C, Murphy AW. Thorax. 2013 Oct;68(10):922‐8.


Exercise app


Effectiveness of a smartphone application to promote physical activity in primary care: the SMART MOVE randomised controlled trial.

Glynn LG, Hayes PS, Casey M, Glynn F, Alvarez‐Iglesias A, Newell J, OLaighin G, Heaney D, O’Donnell M, Murphy AW. Br J Gen Pract. 2014 Jul;64(624):e384‐91

Motivational interviewing to increase smoking cessation


Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing in Influencing Smoking Cessation in Pregnant and Postpartum Disadvantaged Women.

Hayes CB, Collins C, O’Carroll H, Wyse E, Gunning M, Geary, M.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research; Oct 2012.


Structured education for Type 1 Diabetes


Group follow‐up compared to individual clinic visits after structured education for type 1 diabetes: A cluster randomised controlled trial.

Dinneen SF, O’Hara MC, Byrne M, Smith D, Courtney CH, McGurk C, et al. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 2013;100(1):29‐38


Peer mentoring for first time mothers


A RCT of peer‐mentoring for first‐time mothers in socially disadvantaged areas (The MOMENTS Study)

Cupples ME, Stewart MC, Percy A, Hepper P, Murphy C, Halliday HL. Arch Dis Child. 2011;96:252‐258

Tele‐technology in management of skin conditions


A randomised controlled trial using instant photography to diagnose and manage dermatology referrals.

Leggett P, Gilliland AEW, Cupples ME, McGlade K, Corbett R, Stevenson M, O’Reilly D, Steele K. Family Practice 2004; 21: 54‐56.

Health promotion /Secondary prevention for angina


A Randomised Controlled Trial of health promotion in general practice for patients at high cardiovascular risk.

Cupples ME, McKnight A. BMJ 1994; 309: 993‐6

Using pedometers and experiential learning to increase delivery of health promotion


Cooke PA Tully MA, Cupples ME, Gilliland AE, Gormley GJA. Randomised Control Trial of Experiential Learning to Promote Physical Activity.

Educ for Prim Care 2013; 24(6):427‐35

Using goal‐setting with pedometers to increase participation in physical activity


Randomised controlled trial of home‐based walking programmes at and below current recommended levels of exercise in sedentary adults.

Tully MA, Cupples ME, Hart ND, McEneny J, McGlade KJ, Chan WS, Young IS. J Epidemiol Comm Health 2007; 61: 778‐783

Using pedometers for goal‐setting to promote physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation


Using pedometer step‐count goals to promote physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation: a feasibility study of a controlled trial.

Cupples ME, Dean A, Tully MA, Taggart M, McCorkell G, O’Neill S, Coates V. Int J Phys Med Rehabil 2013,1:7 


Shared Care for diabetes


Smith SM, Bury G, O’Leary M, Shannon W, Tynan A, Staines A, et al. The North Dublin randomized controlled trial of structured diabetes shared care. Family Practice. 2004;21(1):39‐45. PMID: 14760042

Psychological family based intervention


Keogh K, Smith S, White P, Kelly A, Gibney J, O’Dowd T. A Psychological Family Intervention for Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomised Controlled Trial. American Journal of Managed Care. 2011;17 (2):105‐13. PMID 2147366

Peer support for type 2 diabetes


Peer support for patients with type 2 diabetes: cluster randomised controlled trial.

Smith SM, Paul G, Kelly A, Whitford DL, O’Shea E, O’Dowd T. BMJ. 2011; 342. PMID 3039437


Decision support intervention to reduce potentially inappropriate prescribing practice


Effectiveness of medicines review with web‐based pharmaceutical treatment algorithms in reducing potentially inappropriate prescribing in older people in primary care: a cluster randomized trial (OPTI‐ SCRIPT study protocol).

Clyne B, Bradley M, Smith SM, Hughes C, Motterlini N, Clear D, Williams D, Fahey T. Trials. 2013, 14:72. PMID: 23497575


OT led self‐management suport programe for patietns with multimorbidity


Impact of an occupation‐based self‐management programme on chronic disease management.

O’ Toole L, Connolly D, Smith SM. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal. 2013; 60(1):30‐8. PMID: 23414187


Computer based clinical decision support for hypertension


Evaluation of a computer‐based clinical decision support for the management of hypertension in primary care: a randomised controlled trial.

Montgomery A, Fahey T, Peters T, MacKintosh C, Sharp D. BMJ 2000; 320: 686‐690. PMID: 10710578.


Decision aid for hypertension


Decision analysis and information video plus leaflet for newly diagnosed hypertensive patients: a factorial randomised controlled trial.

Montgomery A, Fahey T, Peters T. Br J Gen Pract 2003; 53: 446‐453. PMID: 12939889.

Nurse led adherence for hypertension


Nurse‐led adherence support in hypertension: a randomised controlled trial.

Schroeder K, Fahey T, Hollinghurst S, Peters TJ. Family Practice 2005;22:144‐151. PMID: 15655101

Immediate, delayed or no antibiotic for acute cough


A randomised controlled factorial trial of antibiotic prescribing strategies and an information leaflet about natural history for acute lower respiratory tract infection.

Little,P, Rumsby K, Kelly J, Watson L, Moore M, Warner G, Fahey T, Williamson I. JAMA 2005; 293:3029‐3035. PMID: 15972565.


Decision aid for menorrhagia


Protheroe J, Bower P, Chew‐Graham C, Peters T, Fahey T. Effectiveness of a Computerized Decision Aid in Primary Care on Decision Making and Quality of Life in Menorrhagia: Results of the MENTIP randomized controlled trial. Medical Decision Making 2007;27:575‐584. PMID: 17898242.


A novel lower‐limb device for treatment of post‐ thrombotic syndrome


Evaluation of a Venous‐return Assist Device to Treat Severe Post‐Thrombotic Syndrome (VENOPTS): A Randomized Controlled Trial Thrombosis and Hemostasis.

O’Donnell M, McRae S, Kahn SR, Julian J, Kearon C, McKinnon B, Magier D, Strulovich K, Lyons T, Robinson S, Hirsh J, Ginsberg JG. 2008;99:623‐29.




Intervention to improve the quality of antimicrobial prescribing for urinary tract infection: a cluster randomized trial’

Vellinga, A,Galvin, S,Duane, S,Callan, A,Bennett, K,Cormican, M,Domegan, C,Murphy, AW (2016) Canadian Medical Association journal, 188 :108-115