What we know about the intervention

Redesigning Daily OccupationsTM (ReDO) programme is a 10-week group programme run by occupational therapists for women with anxiety. The programme has been shown to bring about improvements in mental health, self-esteem and perceived balance in daily activities for women with anxiety, stress and depression in Sweden

What we are not sure about

We do not know whether it is feasible to offer this programme within current resources in primary care in Ireland.

What is this study exploring?

Will this programme show benefit for women in Ireland? Can this study lead to a broadening of the kinds of occupational therapy interventions that can be offered in primary care, in the context of current resources?

Who can take part?

Women from 18-60 years of age with anxiety attending a GP for issues relating to stress or anxiety.

What will the study involve for practices/practice staff?

GPs are asked to refer patients meeting study requirements, with the patient’s consent, to the ReDo study. GPs are asked to complete a short qualitative interview exploring their perspective on OT-led interventions for mental health in primary care.

Patients who are randomized to the intervention will attend a 10-week programme delivered by occupational therapists at a central location in Galway. Patients randomized to the control will continue with their normal lives, including visits to their GP and any other supports as required to help manage their symptoms. If the ReDo programme shows trends to being beneficial to women in Ireland, it will be offered to control patients after the end of the study.

What are the benefits to the practice?

  • It will provide your female patients with anxiety the opportunity to access an innovative intervention that may be of benefit to them.
  • Your involvement will help to explore whether occupational therapy interventions could be feasible to offer people with mental health difficulties in primary care.
  • You will receive a payment to the practice for each patient referred the study.

For more information

Please email info@primarycaretrials.ie for more information.