Understanding Street Chaos

Dr Austin O’Carroll, GP in Dublin’s inner city and founder of Safetynet Primary Care spoke about conducting research with marginalised groups in society such as homeless people. He highlighted why it is so difficult to make contact with homeless people both as a researcher and a GP and discussed previous research he has conducted on why homeless people do not use health services as efficiently as they could.

Service user involvement in mental health research

Agnes Higgins is a professor in mental health nursing at Trinity College Dublin. During her presentation she spoke about service user involvement in mental health research. Prof Higgins discussed different levels, methods and types of public and patient involvement in research and the benefits and challenges PPI poses to both research and people involved.

My journey from a parent to a parent organisation to involvement in research

Wendy Costello founding member and current Chairperson of Irish Children’s Arthritis Network (iCAN) spoke about her journey from a parent to a parent organisation to involvement in research. Wendy’s daughter has battled with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis for 15 years and is her driving force. She spoke about her experience during the IPPOSI education programme, and the benefits of completing this programme.

Whose research?

Paddy McGowan is a mental health and human rights advocate. Paddy told his story, he has been involved in mental health research for 30 years. Through out this time has run, led and designed numerous pieces of research. Paddy discusses the need for action, he believes there needs to be further action when a research project is completed in order to create a positive change for people with mental illness.

Participatory video in practice

Dr Seán Crosson and Dr Conn Holohan from the Huston School of Film and Digital Media, NUI Galway co-presented on ‘participatory video in practice’. Seán and Conn discuss and give examples of how Participatory video’s empower people to tell their own stories through video during the current digital and visual era we are living in. Conn spoke about his involvement in the ‘Home Project’. To view the videos from the ‘Home Project’ click here.

PPI Ignite @ NUI Galway: driving culture change

Prof Seán Dinneen launched the PPI Ignite programme. He explained what PPI Ignite is and how it aims to bring about a culture change in how healthcare research in conducted across NUI Galway. The programme will work in partnership with patients and the public at all stages of research, providing training and support. Denis Mockler a member of the HRB Primary Care CTNI PPI group spoke about his involvement and experience in PPI.