HRB Primary Care CTNI Training Awards

As of Oct 2019, the call is open on a rolling basis until maximum funding has been awarded.

Closing dates for applications are as follows:

Jan 15th 2020

March 11th 2020

May 13th 2020

July 15th 2020

Aim of the scheme:

  • To increase the knowledge base nationally, with respect to primary care clinical trials and help improve the design, conduct and dissemination of high-quality randomised trials being conducted in Ireland

This scheme creates an opportunity for

  • Research teams to apply for funding to host primary care clinical trial-related training events in Ireland
  • Individuals to receive trial specific training nationally or internationally


The specific objectives of the HRB Primary Care CTNI Training Funding Scheme are to:

  • Build capacity and knowledge in primary care clinical trial research nationally;
  • Create opportunities for strategic national and international collaboration through networking with recognised leaders in these areas;
  • Position Ireland as a leader in primary care clinical trials.


This scheme will help fund (or part-fund) any training event format, as long as the topic is relevant to primary care clinical trials such as:

  • Workshops / seminars
  • Summer / Winter schools
  • Conferences

NOTE: For training bursaries related to trial methodology (open to primary care researchers), please visit the HRB Trial Methodology Research Network here

Subject to capacity and interest, these events can be made available to a wider audience nationally, using the core network organisational supports; such as online registration management, online hosting and online promotion of activities.

It will also fund individuals to attend relevant primary care trial training nationally or internationally.

Funding available

  • Up to €3,000 per event to cover costs associated with organising and delivering the event, including travel of international speakers to Ireland.
  • Up to €2,000 per person to attend trial-specific training conferences nationally and internationally.

The scheme will not fund

  • Current HRB-funded researchers who hold a budget line in an existing grant for the same workshops or conferences as part of dissemination;
  • Drinks receptions;
  • Development of new educational materials;
  • Development of an outreach campaign using media such as television, radio or print;
  • Placement/exchange visits for key personnel;
  • Promotional tools such as information brochures, plain language summaries, newsletters or policy briefs.


  • Any proposed hosted training event must be held on the island of Ireland.
  • Training events must be relevant to primary care clinical trials.
  • Completed applications must address all assessment criteria identified.


Application and assessment process, and criteria

Applicants should complete and submit the short application form on the following pages, plus a one page CV of lead applicant, to the HRB Primary Care CTNI via email ( for consideration.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

This call is a rolling call and applications are considered throughout the year, subject to annual funding commitment availability. The HRB Primary Care CTNI will commit to a maximum of €10,000 awards annually for two years through this call (i.e. a total of €20,000 over the two years).

Please submit your application at least 8 weeks in advance of your event.

[Note: Research teams wishing to apply for funding in excess of €3,000, should contact the HRB Primary Care CTNI Development Manager by email at to express interest]

All applications submitted will undergo an initial eligibility check and will then be subject to a HRB Primary Care CTNI led review process, based on the criteria outlined below.


Assessment Criteria

Part A (70% of the score)

  • Relevance of training to primary care clinical trials;
  • Identified a clear gap in training in this area;

Part B (30% of score)

  • Appropriate programme and budget
  • The budget requested must reflect the scale and nature of the proposed activities


For further information contact

Download: Application Form


We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018/2019 HRB Primary Care CTNI Training Awards

Paddy Gillespie (NUI Galway, PI)

  • Hosting – M.Sc Health Economics Training Scheme in the Conduct of Health Economic Evaluation along RCTs in Primary Care

Roisin Doogue (UL, Practice Nurse and PhD Student)

  • Attending – Randomised Controlled Trials Course: A Guide to Design, Conduct, Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting, Oxford

Liam Glynn (UL, PI)

  • Hosting – TASMIN5S International Multi-Centre Clinical Trial Symposium

Fiona Riordan (UCC, Postdoctoral researcher)

  • Hosting – Developing and evaluating complex primary care interventions; A 2-day short course followed by a half-day focused collaborative workshop at UCC