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Welcome to HRB Primary Care CTNI

The HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland is a collaborative partnership that brings together key people in Ireland to run clinical trials in primary care, that is, through general practices or primary care centres and in the community.

The HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland and PPI Ignite @ NUI Galway are delighted to co-host the 4th National Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in Research conference

The theme of this year’s PPI Conference is “Progressing Together”

This conference will take place on Wednesday 1st May 2019 at the Institute for Lifecourse and Society (ILAS), NUI Galway

Catch the live stream here

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Listen back to our Webinar Series here.

Watch the information presentation on ‘Cluster randomised trials in primary care’ delivered by Prof. Sandra Eldridge in collaboration with the network at the AUDGPI conference 9th March 2018 here.

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