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Primary care researchers at the core of the HRB Primary Care CTNI, undertaking leading edge research in collaboration with GPs, practice nurses, and other primary care healthcare professionals all over Ireland.

Focussed on research, training and knowledge exchange, the Primary Care CTNI aims to build links with other national and international primary care researchers, other research networks of relevance to primary care, health policy decision-makers, patient organisations and industry partners conducting healthcare research.

The Primary Care Research Seed Funding Award is intended to contribute to the pipeline of clinical trials in Irish Primary Care. It will fund projects up to a value of €10,000 (plus overheads at 25%, or €2,500), which have the potential to be highly impactful and successful in leveraging larger scale research funding in the future. The Award will focus on the current MRC framework for the development and evaluation of complex interventions.

This call is now open, with an application deadline of 13:00 on Monday May 15th 2023

Call Guidance and Application

Note to applicants: A Call FAQ will be maintained here. 

Since its foundation in 2015, the HRB Primary Care CTNI has supported Principal Investigators in more than 35 successful grant applications, securing over €25million for Irish research. We have created a list of these Principal Investigators and their successful grant applications, both to showcase success in grant acquisition, and to serve as a resource for academics and clinicians seeking potential collaborators in Irish primary care research.

See the list here.

Anyone planning or doing primary care research in Ireland can request supports from the Primary Care CTNI. We give priority to clinical trials, but also support pre-trial studies that have the potential to lead to a full trial.

All requests for support are considered through our formal Study Adoption Process. Studies are evaluated based on the following:

  1. Does the study involve recruitment and/or advertising through general practice or primary care centres?
  2. Is the study a pilot or a trial, or is it gathering data that may be used/useful when designing a trial in the future?
  3. Does the study investigator and team have an acceptable track-record?
  4. Is there a confirmed funding source and does the sponsor have an acceptable track-record?
  5. Does the study have ethical approval granted and is the study GDPR-compliant (with supporting documentation)?
  6. Are there potential risks to the HRB Primary Care CTNI?
  7. Does the protocol include any procedures that the adoption panel believe will jeopardise the study?
  8. Does the study improve patient care or have the potential to improve patient care in the future?
  9. Is the study compatible with primary care practice in Ireland; is the prevalence of the target patient population sufficient for recruitment?
  10. Does the HRB Primary Care CTNI have the capacity to provide requested resources?
  11. Are there conflicting trials ongoing within the HRB Primary Care CTNI, or higher priority studies pending?

To obtain a Study Adoption Request form, or to make an enquiry about the study adoption process, please email

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