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The HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland is a collaborative partnership that brings together key people in Ireland to run clinical trials in primary care. Working closely with the public, with patients and with GPs and other healthcare professionals, the Network aims to improve individual patient health and health care by conducting high quality, internationally recognised, randomised trials in Irish primary care, addressing important and common problems.

We provide patients who attend primary care practices the opportunity to take part in clinical trials. We publish the results of our studies and we work to communicate the results of our research to patients and to healthcare decision makers.

Established in 2015, the HRB Primary Care CTNI is a collaboration between researchers based at National University of Ireland Galway, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and Queen’s University Belfast. The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) is the other key partner in the Network, with many GPs and other primary care health professionals engaged in research with the Network. A number of Irish and international partners are also part of the Network.


To improve individual patient health and health care through the design, conduct and dissemination of high quality, internationally recognised, randomised trials in Irish primary care, which address important and common problems.

Why run trials in primary care?

Primary care, often provided by a local GP, is the first port of call for most patients when they are sick. More than 20 million GP consultations take place in Ireland each year. Ninety percent of all health problems can be addressed by GPs and primary care services, so it is vital that GPs and other healthcare professionals have firm evidence on which to make informed decisions about which medication or treatment is right for each patient.

Working with GPs, other primary care professionals, and the patients, we aim to gather such evidence from research conducted in Ireland, to help improve patient health and healthcare.

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